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About LSF

About our gaming

Thanks for visiting the [LSF] clan website. Lancs Special Forces Clan play many different types of game. We mainly play first person shooters with Battlefield being our main choice, however we do also play other game styles including MMORPGs, Strategy and Role-playing games. Have a look through our website or log onto our forums to find more out about the clan, or search for [LSF] in game to find our servers.

Weapons Live

[LSF] are always ready for action. We are prepared to be deployed into any hostile environment

Drinks Ready

Every soldier like a quiet drink. [LSF] take this to the next level, all whilst not letting our reactions be diminished

Microphone Set

We strive for team-play and tactical co-ordination. Usually, ‘tactical’ goes out the window!


  • [LSF] Battlefield 4 Game Server

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  • [LSF] Clan Match Results

    2012-06-29GCHQBF36-0LSF Win
    2012-08-09TDRBF31-3LSF Win
    2012-08-18TDRBF30-1LSF Win
    2012-09-23NSEBF32-0LSF Loss
    2012-11-25AGBF32-0LSF Loss
    2013-06-02SASBF30-4LSF Loss
    Bold Games = Played on LSF Server